You are experienced in software development, especially in regard to PHP, mobile apps (Android and Apple)?

Then we would like to better understand your skills and would be thrilled to get your application, together with a link to some reference projects of yours.

We as 7Systems GmbH are looking for you to support the further development of our existing product line in hardware and software in the fire protection industry,, with focus on as a service.

Our customers are especially electrical installation companies focused on fire protection. We are serving our customers directly and can thus react quickly to their needs.

If you are interested in it, you can also get involved in our product strategy. A lot of development opportunities exist, it is up to you, what suits you.

We are working on expanding our product spectrum and will grow internationally with it, together with you.

We are offering a young and current environment at our office location in Gummersbach.

We are also willing to sponsor a work visa. Our main focus are your software skills.

Home office is of course an option with us.  We would like to have you locally for about 30-50% of the working time in normal times, we should discuss this.

Gummersbach as a mid-sized town close to Cologne is offering a relaxed athmosphere with the opportunity to live in Gummersbach or in Cologne.

The IT campus of the University for Applied Sciences Cologne is in Gummersbach.


Please get in touch with us by e-mail to info@7systems.de.




Python ist für Dich keine Schlange und PHP ist nichts für Bodybuilder?

Wir suchen einen IT-Entwickler mit einem strukturierten Vorgehen, Kenntnissen im Bereich PHP, JQuery, SQL, Linux und mobilen Anwendungen.

Um Dich besser kennenzulernen, würden wir uns neben kurzen Lebenslauf über einen Link zu einigen Beispielprojekten Deinerseits freuen.

Auch Einbeziehung in das Produktmanagement, etc. ist möglich.

Ca 20 to 30% deiner Arbeitszeit sollten im Büro sein.

Bei Bedarf besteht Bereitschaft Dir ein Arbeitsvisum zu sponsorn.

Gerne unterstützen wir auch beim Deutschlernen.

Das Arbeitspensum kann gemeinsam festgelegt werden – die Ergebnisse zählen

Wir sind in Gummersbach, Nähe Köln. Du kannst hier sowohl im Wald wohnen, als auch in der Großstadt Köln. Auch ein Campus der TH Köln ist vor Ort

Hast Du Fragen? Melde Dich – wir freuen uns darauf von Dir zu hören.



Python is not a snake and PHP is not just for body builders?

Looking for developper with a structured approach to work with us to turn our ideas into reality. Your skills are most important, such as PHP, JQuery, SQL, Linux and mobile apps.

Involvement in company management possible, if wanted

Please let us have your CV and especially reference projects

20 to 30% time in office requested

Willing to sponsor work visa

Willingness to learn German a plus

Working hours to be fixed jointly = results matter

Location close to Cologne, Gummersbach, with train station.

Living in Cologne possible, or in countryside.

Please get in touch info@7systems.de